Holiday Bernise Mountain Dogs, Carri Jones



Registered Name:  Holiday's Dreams Do Come True
DOB:  09-16-2019  /  AKC Number:  WS66213801  /  Berner-Garde ID# 195092

OFA Hips:      
      GOOD  BMD-24930G24F-VPI 
OFA Elbows:         NORMAL  BMD-EL15165F24-VPI
Eyes:                   NORMAL
Heart:                  NORMAL/CLEAR  BMD-BCA467/24F/P-VPI
vWD:                   CLEAR
DM SOD1-A:         CARRIER
DM SOD1-B:         CLEAR      


Holiday's Dreams Do Come True

Nneka is a beautiful female with a gorgeous outline.  Very happy and friendly temperament and great movement~!  Nneka has one of my favorite pedigrees of dogs that have been with me many years~!  Her mom Rose, Grandma Victoria and great grandma Maria and Great Grandpa Frost, along with Jesse James who we got from Norway.  All these dogs can be seen on our retirement page and you can read about each one. 

On Nneka's father's side...our very favorite Czar by our outstanding Rainn who has been a foundation girl for us.  Rainn can also be see on our retirement page.  Awesome longevity in the lines top and bottom~!  

Nneka is also a full sister to our Tamale and Margarita and they have already done great things for we are looking forward to Nneka~!  

Nneka has a great story behind her....3 days before she was born, my husband Craig, woke up in the morning and said "Rose is going to have 3 puppies, 2 boys and one girl.  The boys names will be Vinny & Victor and the female will be named Veronica and we will call her Nneka for short"  Then he said, "Nneka is Victoria re-incarnated~! "  I looked at him in disbelief, but thought well...we will see what she has.  To my amazement 3 days later Rose had 2 boys and 1 girl~!  OMG  Couldn't believe he was right~!   So I had to name them like he said and the part about being Victoria ...not sure I believe that is true or not...but no matter what if it "could" be true I had to keep her no matter what~!  Victoria was a heart dog for me....So that is Nneka's story or origin.  

Owner: Carri Ehrich


2 years, 2 months old.

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3 weeks old

Nneka's Sire and Dam:

 CH Holiday's Ruler Of The Night Sky SHOES 

Dam:  Holiday's Sentiments Of A Loving Heart

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