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Registered Name:   Holiday's Peppermint Party
DOB:  12/5/2012  /  AKC Number:
WS42807701 / Berner-Garde ID# 108036

OFA Hips:  

OFA Elbows:  






  Holiday's Peppermint Party
Partee is a very special sweet girl. She was one out of a litter of 12 which we called the ice cream litter. From the beginning I had my eyes on Partee (Strawberry Cheese Cake) as she had the most sweet loving face. I could just feel she would be the one I would get to keep.

Her father comes from the great "Jenda" lines of Jeni West..... Aslan (Jenda's Force of Nature) has been a great sire. Partee's aunt is the great "Jadis", she is a full littermate sister to Aslan. Jadis was the number one Bitch in the country in 2009 and who is also the mother of my "Rainn" and "Secret". There is very strong orthopedics in this line which came thru to Partee as she received an EXCELLENT rating on her hips and NORMAL rating on her Elbows at 2 years old~! It doesn't get better than that~!

Partee's mother is my Dina, you can see more information on her page about Dina. Some main points about Dina is she is a very strong and stocky girl. She also has great orthopedics in her lines. Dina is very intelligent dog coming from dogs that have been used in many search and rescue missions. You can see that in Dina as she is a Great Hunter and very determined girl~!

Both of Partee's parents Aslan and Dina carry good longevity with their bloodlines.

Partee is a very smart girl like her mother, extremely loving and sweet, and gets her determination from her mother~ I have seen her do things that are almost human like that I have never seen a dog do before. Partee has the most beautiful sweet soft eyes and will melt your heart when she gives you the soft puppy dog look :) Not to mention that with those EXCELLENT hips can really jump and get some "hang time" when she sees me coming~!
Partee was named after this Special Holiday Blend that Wells Blue Bunny made for one of its Candy Companies. It is made of very expensive ingredients and not circulated to the public~! Only the head CEO's got a taste :) It was Yummy~

Owner:  Carri Ehrich 


22 months old


4 months old

8 weeks old

6 weeks old

5 weeks old

4 weeks old

3 weeks old

2 weeks old

1 week old


Partee's sire and dam:

Sire:  CH Jeda's Force Of Nature

Dam:  Daltons Dina Swiss Holiday






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