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" I am very sad to say we lost Secret on Monday December 22, 2014. She ended up contracting Peritonitis due to a possible puncture to her stomach or intestines due to something she ate. I fought hard to save her but lost the battle. This completely ripped my heart out as she was one of my very favorite dogs with her playful ways, sweet loving hugs, and beautiful confirmation. Secret you will be forever loved and will always have a special place in my heart~! Until we meet again......"


Registered Name:  CH Jenda's Victoria's Secret v Holiday
DOB:  11/08/2010  /  AKC Number: WS36121203 / Berner-Garde ID# 77757

OFA Hips:      
 GOOD   BMD-17703G24F-VPI
OFA Elbows:     NORMAL   BMD-EL8882F24-VPI
Eyes:               CLEAR CERF# BMD-371520
vWD:               CLEAR   #82334

Heart:              NORMAL BMD-CA2986/23F/C-VPI
DNA:                V657587



CH Jenda's Victoria's Secret v Holiday
Secret is a lovely once in a life time female who's mother, Jadis,  is one of the greatest Bitches in the USA~!   "Jadis" CH Jenda's Hail The Queen was the TOP Winning Conformation Bitch in 2009 and the All-Breed Top Winning Conformation Bitch in 2009.    As her owner Jeni West states, "Jadis walks on water in my book"  I totally agree Jeni she is the best~!   Jadis has amazing pedigree with combining some of the best kennels in the world... Jenda, Nashems, Prairiefires, Superfoot, Stokerbos and more~!   Jadis has solid Champions and International Champions in her pedigree. 

Secret's sire "Chunk" GCH CH Azure's Chunk Off The OL' Doc is a very large berner with Amazing bone, head, structure and what a sweet  heart~!   Chunk has some of the greats in his pedigree also with almost 4 generations of Champions.

Secret is a nice combination between her mother and her father.  She carries nice bone for a female, very pretty topline, amazing rear, amazing front, very pretty movement and a lovely temperament!   I am excited for Secret to start showing so she can strut her stuff~!  

Some fun facts about Secret... she is such a lap dog, absolutely darling and will curl up on your lap and sit there for hours:)   She talks to you when it comes time for feeding telling you she is hungry and hurry up, Secret will grab toys and run around and throw them in the air to get your attention and keep doing it and when you say "Secret what do you have"  Gives her more fuel for playing and showing off~!   Secret also loves to hunt.  She is quite the girl, I saw her catch a bird thru a fence and she had it by the feet, she didn't quite know what to do with it so finally let it go..LOL  

So again...very excited for Secret to go out and meet the world and start her show career soon~!  

Owner: Carri Ehrich
Co-Owner: Jeni West



National Specialty

Here is Secret (right) with her mother Jadis (left) and her sister Gee
at the Bernese Mountain Dog National Specialty in Loveland, CO 2013
winning the Brood bitch class with Judge Maija Heinila. 

Secret with her sister Gee in the Brood Bitch class at the 2013 National Specialty. 
Secret on right.  These two girls pulled off a 1st place with
their mother in a huge class of TOP producing bitches~! 

Secret and her sister Gee competed with their mother Jadis in the Brood Bitch
class in Loveland, CO for the 2013 National Specialty.  Jadis is on the left, Gee in
 middle and Secret on end.  So proud of all these amazing TOP bitches
they pulled off a FIRST PLACE in a huge group of top producing bitches
 and their offspring.  So happy for my handler Jeni West as she bred all 3 these
lovely girls~!  It is one of the top honors to receive as a breeder
and my Secret was part of it~! 

Cambridge Minnesota Kennel Club

Secret takes a 4 point major~!


Thank you Jeni West for handling Secret beautifully and special thank
you to
JUDGE:  Mr. Charles E Trotter for this nice win~!

Cambridge Minnesota Kennel Club (2)


Secret takes Back To Back Majors this one also being a 4 Point
and she finishes her Championship~! 



Secret loves the spotlight and  big thanks to Jeni West for raising and
allowing Secret to shine~! 
Also big thanks to
JUDGE: Mrs Sulie Greendale-Paveza for this very nice win~!


Secret became a CHAMPION in June 2012 after
getting two Back to Back 4 Point majors in
Cambridge, MN~!

Secret smiling while going around the ring.   She loves to show off~!

I bought Secret a new squeaky toy at the show and she loved it~! 
Held on to it the whole time being groomed :) 
She loves her "Jeni", so sweet they are holding hands~!

Secret took 3rd Place in steep competition at the
Bernese Mountain Dog National Specialty in
Gettysburg, PA in the 15-18 month class~!  


Thank You Judge:  Ms Marion Klok from the Netherlands for placing Secret
even though she was out of coat~!  

Secret also placed 3rd at the Bernese Mountain Dog National Specialty in
Gettysburg, PA in Futurity Class 15-18 month~! 
Thank you to Judge: Mrs Tuuli Yrjonen of Finland~!  
Secret's littermate sister "Gee" won this class and went Best In
 Futurity over all the puppies~! 
She is owned by my handler Jeni West. 
A big congrats Jeni on a HUGE win with Gee~! 


Candid photo of Secret at Nationals taken by Chris Stefanac.


Secret's littermate sister "Gee"
owned by Jeni West at the Back to Back Specialty in WI 2013.  Another Beauty~!






Secret's mother
at almost 7 years old at the Back to Back Specialty in 2013~!  What a lovely girl~!





Secret gets a 5 Point Major at St. Peter, MN~!

Thanks Jeni, she looks awesome~!
Not bad for a girl with a blown hair coat~!
She loves her handler~!


Secret took her first point and went BOS~!

St Joseph Kennel Club

Special Thank you to JUDGE: Ms Jan C Sigler
and thank you to Jeni West, PHA
for doing such a nice job with Secret~!


"Secret at the Back to Back Specialty in Wisconsin March 2012~!"


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9 months old

9 months old

6.5 months old

6.5 months old.

3 months old.

3 months old.

3 months old.

3 months old.

3 months old.

3 months old.

3 months old.

3 months old.

3 months old.

2.5 months old.

2.5 months old.

2.5 months old.

2.5 months old.

2.5 months old.

2.5 months old.

7 weeks old.

7 weeks old.

4 weeks old.

2 weeks old.


Secret's sire and dam:

Sire:  GCH CH Azure's Chunk Off  The OL' Doc

Owners:  Anita and Mark Zelenka and Amanda C. Cook

Dam:  CH Jenda's Hail The Queen
(Top Winning Conformation Bitch 2009~ All-Breed & Top Winning Conformation Bitch 2009~Breed Points)
Owner:  Jennifer West


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