Holiday Bernise Mountain Dogs, Carri Jones






Council Bluffs Kennel Club

Roxy Wins her 1st Major~!


Thank you to JUDGE:  Dr. Robert D Smith for this nice win
and to Jeni West for handling Roxy~!



Cambridge Minnesota Kennel Club

Secret takes a 4 point major~!

Thank you Jeni West for handling Secret beautifully and special thank
you to
JUDGE:  Mr. Charles E Trotter for this nice win~!


Cambridge Minnesota Kennel Club (2)

Secret takes Back To Back Majors this one also being a 4 Point
and she finishes her Championship~! 



Secret loves the spotlight and  big thanks to Jeni West for raising and
allowing Secret to shine~! 
Also big thanks to
JUDGE: Mrs Sulie Greendale-Paveza for this very nice win~!

Secret took 3rd Place in steep competition at the Bernese Mountain Dog National Specialty in Gettysburg, PA in the 15-18 month class~!  

Thank You Judge:  Ms Marion Klok from the Netherlands for placing Secret
even though she was out of coat~!  

Secret also placed 3rd at the Bernese Mountain Dog National Specialty in
Gettysburg, PA in Futurity Class 15-18 month~! 
Thank you to Judge: Mrs Tuuli Yrjonen of Finland~!  
 Secret's littermate sister "Gee" won this class and went Best In Futurity over
all the puppies~!  She is owned by my handler Jeni West. 
A big congrats Jeni on a HUGE win with Gee~! 



Paris went Winners Bitch to get her first 2 points~!

Grand Island Kennel Club 


Special Thank You to Jeni West for handling Paris and also to JUDGE: Mrs Robert S. Forsyth for letting Paris go Winners out of the 6-9 month puppy class~! 


Secret took her first point and went BOS~!

St Joseph Kennel Club

Special Thank you to JUDGE: Ms Jan C Sigler
and thank you to Jeni West, PHA
for doing such a nice job with Secret~!

Hazel Wins her Championship with a 4 Point Major~!
Land O'Lakes Kennel Club 1/07/2012

Special Thank You to Judge Dr. Carmen L Battaglia and
to Jeni West for training and handling Hazel and taking
her to her championship....she looks FABULOUS~! 







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