Holiday Bernise Mountain Dogs, Carri Jones



Registered Name:  CH Holiday's Singular Sensation
DOB: 11-2-11  /  AKC Number: WS39370901 / Berner-Garde ID# 84292

OFA Hips:      
OFA Elbows:      NORMAL  BMD-EL9472F25-VPI
Eyes:                CLEAR  BMD-EYE269/23F-NOPI
Heart:               NORMAL  BMD-CA3363/23F/C-PI
DNA:                  V656178


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GCH CH Holiday's Singular Sensation

Bebe is a very special girl in many ways.  Her sire "Beo" is owned by Priscilla Young of Park City, UT.  Priscilla moved to the USA with her husband just a couple of years ago from  Spain.  She grew up in England.  So you can imagine her beautiful accent :)  When I found out about Beo being in the US I was so excited.  He is from my very favorite kennel, Hiselfoss in Norway.  I was so fortunate to have visited the Hiselfoss kennel in July of 2011 and meet the owner, Gro Solberg and see her beautiful dogs.  I have always admired her pedigrees and dogs and was the highlight of my trip to visit her~!   What an awesome host Gro was and she made a feast for Jeni West and myself~!
So when Bebe's mom, "Blue" was ready to breed, my mom and I drove out to beautiful Park City, UT and met Beo in person~~!   Priscilla and her husband Fred are wonderful and we have a very good friendship after this~!   It was a long long trip.  We did 3,000 miles in 3 days.  We dropped Blue off at Priscilla's and turned around and headed back.   My handler was going to be in Colorado at a show the next week and Priscilla at the same show, so she dropped Blue off with Jeni after breeding.  Worked out perfectly~!
I was excited when we checked Blue at 35 days of pregnancy that she was PREGNANT~!   She wasn't real big so we did an X-ray at 55 days and could only see one puppy.   So it was my mission to make sure that one precious baby made it out safe and sound.  A large breed dog will not go into labor with one puppy, so our timing was crucial to get that puppy out, not too early and not too late~!   Luckily we had done all the progesterone testing so we knew our window to work with.
On the morning of November 2, 2011 we did a C-section on Blue.  Out came this beautiful baby girl with all this flash and so perfectly marked~!   When I took the baby home I knew I was going to have to bottle feed her as Blue did not have but a drop or two of milk.   So I bottle fed her and it was Blue's first litter, so she learned to be a mom with one puppy even though she did not  have milk. 
Bebe was such a big chunk and loved her bottle..LOL   I was talking to Sara Karl (AKC judge and owner of beautiful Berners) of Colorado about what to name her.   She said she has always wanted to name a singleton puppy, "Singular Sensation".   I said, "wow...that is neat, but what is the call name"?   She said "Bebe" which was funny because I was thinking of Bebe because of Blue and Beo both with "B's".   She explained that she saw the "Chorus Line" Broadway Show in New York and it was the most amazing thing she has seen~!   And she said "Bebe" was one of the main characters and was a neat character in the production.  So that is how we came up with Bebe's name and she is a Singular Sensation~!  To be the only puppy and to be so awesome at that~!  She has lived up to her name~!
Bebe's personality really is spectacular also.  She is so happy and just loves life.  She has a happy look to her always and loves people and being in the public eye :)   She also has an incredible side gait movement like her mom and Aunts.   I expect great things from Bebe and so happy she has come into my life~! 

Owner: Carri Ehrich



CH Adesa-N-Vida's Bound For Broadway V Holiday "Bizzy"
Owned by : Heather Vankalker Sherwood & Bobbi Kinley-Blewett
Bred by: Carri Ehrich

Bizzy is the daughter of Bebe.

2nd place in the stud dog class at Nationals...
Bebe is in the center~!

Bebe's father, "Beo" at the Sierra West Bernese
 Specialty in Pleasanton, California on the 20th of October 2012.
Beo is 4 years old in photo.

Beo again!


"Bebe" winning BOB at supported entry in Waukesha, WI
over 30 dogs entered under Breeder Judge: Gail Vogel~!
A HUGE  Thank You Gail and also to 
Jeni West for doing such a fantastic job with Bebe~!


"Bebe"  Takes a Group 3 Waukesha, WI 2013 under
Judge: Pat Hastings in a supported entry of
Bernese Mountain Dogs...
Thank you so kindly Pat and also to Jeni West for 
Loving and caring and  believing in Bebe as much as I do~!



Bebe had a great day in Waukesha, WI July 2013
with 42 Bernese entered she went Best of Breed under
Breeder Judge Gail Vogel~! 
 And then took a Group 3 under Judge Pat Hastings
in the Working Group~! 

Cambridge Minnesota Kennel Club

Bebe takes a Group 2 under JUDGE: Mr. Huston Clark
Thank You~!

Anoka County Minnesota Kennel Club


Bebe takes another Group 2 under JUDGE: Mr. Robert J. Shreve
Thank You~!


Anoka County Minnesota Kennel Club

Very exciting day for Bebe, she competed in the Working Dog Group and beat
all the other Working dog breeds for a Group 1~!  What a dream come true
 for this young bitch to just have finished her Championship and now winning in
Groups at only 19/20 months old. 

A very special thank you to JUDGE: Dr John A Reeve-Newson for seeing the
 Greatness in Bebe and specially for Jeni West for her great mentorship,
friendship, training and handling of Bebe to take her to the top~! 


Cambridge Minnesota Kennel Club

Wow..another huge win for Bebe...Group 1 win in Working Dog
Division under JUDGE: Mrs Faye Strauss thank you so much to her for this
 super nice win and again to Jeni West for doing such a fantastic
job with Bebe and taking her to the


Lake Minnetonka Kennel Club
June 8, 2013

Bebe finishes her Championship~!
Thank you JUDGE: Mr. Roger R. Hartinger


Fargo-Moorhead Kennel Club
June 1, 2013

Bebe went Best of Winners in Fargo and then Best of Breed
and was able to go to the Working Dog Group to compete for Best In Show. 
She pulled off her first group placement in there with a Group 4~!  She hadn't even
finished her Championship and already placing in the Group Ring~!

A huge thank you to
JUDGE: Mr Edd Embry Bivin on seeing the greatness in
Bebe and for her first Group Placement~!
Thank  you Jeni West for  handling
Bebe and taking her to the top~!



Cyclone Country KC of Ames Inc.

Bebe getting her first two points~!  At 15.5 months old. 
Thank you Jeni West for doing such a fabulous job with Bebe
and to JUDGE: Ms Victoria M Jordan for recognizing my special girl~!

Bebe at the National Specialty in Loveland, CO joining her father
Beo on the left in the stud dog class, Bebe (18 months) middle and her 1/2 sister
Truli (6 months) on the right.  This group took 2nd place in a large
 class with many top stud dogs and their offspring~! 

Bebe with her father Beo in stud dog class.

Bebe at the 2013 National Specialty in Loveland, CO. 
She was a few days over 18 months in photo and out of coat so
she moved up into the Open Bitch Class. 
 One of the toughest classes~! 
She made it into the top 5~!  I love this special girl~~ 

Bebe at 16 months old at the Back to Back Specialty in WI 2013.
She had stiff competition and took Reserve Winners Bitch
on Saturday with 25 bitches entered~!  So many wonderful comments on Bebe
from Top handlers and breeders~! 

I am so proud of Bebe~! 


Bebe at her first show, just a couple days over 6 months~!
Which just happened to be the Bernese Mountain Dog National
 Specialty in Gettysburg.   The 6-9 month puppy class and 6-9 month
Sweeps class were huge classes and really tough~!  
 Bebe made the cut in both classes and was down to the final 8 or 10~! 
  She is the happiest girl, the tail did not stop wagging~! 
The European judge was laughing at her and complimented
her on being so happy :)   Bebe will be a great one some day~! 
Her movement is to die for~!

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Above Photo Courtesy of Dalmi Sirabo of Argentina~! Thank you~

Above Photo taken by Chris Stefanac

9 months old
7 months old

Bebe waiting for me to pick strawberries out of the garden for her~!
 She loves them :)
3 months old
8 weeks old
5 weeks old

BeBe's sire and dam:

Sire:  CH Beowulf Av Hiselfoss
Imported from Norway

Dam:  CH White River Blue Frost

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